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      Premium Success Engagements

      Explore our premium success engagements

      Enter a partnership with SAP to secure your business' long-term success with the highest level of collaboration and expertise.

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      SAP MaxAttention

      Get?the services, methods, and tools you need to run your IT landscape on premise,?in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

      SAP ActiveAttention

      Gain?a unique combination of on-site services from an embedded support team and?engineering services performed by global experts.

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      Make sense of the chatter

      Count on premium-level engagement and personalized service from SAP MaxAttention make sense of constantly changing demands.

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      Keep up to date with the latest information and insights?from SAP?services and support, including:?

      • Useful services and tools
      • Customer testimonials and references
      • Support and maintenance-related offerings
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