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      What are you looking for?

      Road map documents

      • Online PDFs compiled by experts from SAP
      • Industry-specific road maps that focus on business solutions
      • Product road maps that describe features and functions?

      Interactive road maps

      • New interactive tool
      • Functionality to mix and match different filters to create your customized road map
      • Ability to easily save, share, and download your road maps

      Simplify your transformation

      Benefit from transformation guidance

      Find the right SAP products and solutions for your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise with the SAP Transformation Navigator.

      Upcoming Road Map Webinars

      SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

      Speaker:?Ankit Shah and Subanatarajan Subbiah?
      Date:?March 10, 2020?

      SAP Fiori

      Speaker:?Thomas Reiss
      Date: March 12, 2020

      SAP Mobile Apps for Asset Management

      Speaker:?Kunal Mehta
      Date: April 09, 2020

      Explore SAP road maps

      Product-only road maps

      Review SAP product road map PDFs for the latest information on product innovations and upcoming developments to support your business needs.

      Industry-only road maps

      Access SAP industry road map PDFs to learn about the latest innovations that can help enhance your business.

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