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      Treasury Management

      Get real-time cash visibility, improve liquidity, and lower risk with treasury and risk management solutions from SAP.

      See how Albemarle modernized its treasury operations
      Equipping the CFO for a successful enterprise transformation
      SAP Intelligent Finance Virtual Event

      Watch how Finance is in the driver's seat to transform your company.

      Improve business decisions and efficiency

      Manage working capital, payments, and financial risk with integrated, real-time solutions for treasury management.



      Solve all your treasury management needs with SAP

      Gain more visibility, control, and compliance

      Find out how next-generation intelligent treasury solutions can help you digitalize treasury processes, increase accuracy, and accelerate analysis.

      Transform your business

      Learn how our customers are succeeding with cash and corporate treasury management solutions from SAP.

      Supporting rapid growth with digital transformation

      Consider how Zespri is moving to an intelligent enterprise model with the guidance of proactive and supportive treasury expertise.

      Achieving greater efficiency, reliability, and sustainability

      Investigate how Wieland-Werke is improving how it communicates with banks worldwide, manages cash assets, and promotes future growth.

      Driving in the fast lane for finance transformation

      Check out the modifications that Volkswagen Group made to its global treasury platform to cover functional gaps, while co-innovating with SAP and our partner ecosystem.?

      Choose your SAP software for treasury management

      Increase the agility of your treasury and risk mitigation processes

      Use end-to-end analytics to automate treasury processes, integrate cash flow analysis and business planning, centralize bank account management, and get real-time visibility of bank balances and currency exposures.

      View real-time cash positions and forecasts

      Streamline capital management and liquidity accounting by integrating all data onto a single platform and accessing accurate information to analyze cash positions.

      Control working capital and financial risk

      Manage your company’s liquidity and mitigate risk by optimizing straight-through processing and integrating cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data.

      Driving innovation in treasury with SAP S/4HANA

      Empower finance to drive enterprise transformation

      Do more with less and ensure compliance by gaining a single source of truth for all financial and statutory information. Make better decisions quickly with real-time data analytics, and planning, forecasting, and simulation capabilities.

      Looking for more products to meet your treasury management needs?

      Secure, multi-bank connectivity

      Exchange payments, account statements, and other data securely with your banking institutions.

      Streamlined market rates management

      Support market data integration with a single service for your entire enterprise.

      In-house cash management

      Use core finance integration tools, based on standard APIs, to manage cash flows, exposures, and ledger postings.?

      Advanced payment management

      Centralize payment activities to speed transactions, reduce operational risk, and lower the cost of payment processing.

      Get the latest news and trends from experts

      Dave Fellers

      Treasury solutions for sustainable success

      Find out why treasury functions are not – and should not be –isolated from operational applications that are scattered throughout your organization.

      Ido Shamgar
      Global Product Marketing,

      Get a few insights from top treasury leaders

      Learn how more than 250 leading treasury and risk management professionals are prioritizing and progressing in their digital transformation journey.

      Dave Fellers

      Treasury optimization begins with cash management

      Find a better path to treasury optimization by using technologies that integrate and unify enterprise-wide cash activities without starting over from scratch.

      SAP offers a variety of services and support for your business needs

      SAP Help Portal

      Find documentation on product onboarding, implementation, and extensibility, while exploring learning journeys and accessing support resources, for SAP HANA and our databases.

      SAP business services

      Receive guidance, best practices, and expertise from industry experts, consultants, and support engineers to jump-start SAP solutions and drive ROI.

      SAP training and certification

      Achieve your strategic goals by gaining the right knowledge and experience with training courses that are available at select SAP offices, your own location, and online.

      SAP Developer Center

      Make the most of your SAP solutions by following step-by-step guides, referring to documentation and how-to-videos, and subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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