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      Accounts Receivable, Billing and Revenue Management

      Enhance the payment experience with innovative subscription-based billing, revenue, and accounts receivables management

      See how D?hler uses machine learning to boost automated postings by 20%
      Equipping the CFO for a successful enterprise transformation
      SAP Intelligent Finance Virtual Event

      Watch how Finance is in the driver's seat to transform your company.

      Automate receivable management and monetize service-driven business models

      Simplify and automate your receivables processes, while integrating with your customers, to enable a close collaboration with real-time access. Benefit from transforming or extending your business models toward subscription and usage-based models.


      Increase customer satisfaction, transparency, and process efficiency

      Thrive in the subscription-based economy

      Build and monetize new service-driven business models as digitalization continues to transform expectations for your products and services.

      Automate intelligent receivables management

      Simplify and centralize your invoice-to-cash processes with streamlined customer risk assessment, proactive collection and dispute strategies, and automated cash application.

      Reimagine the digital transformation of finance

      Discover the four steps that help finance organizations achieve excellence, which includes integrated process flows, automation, business networks, and real-time intelligence.

      Transform your business


      Miles of supported fiber optic cables

      Find out how GlobeNet provides new services and reaches new customers with a competitive digital platform.

      70-97 %

      Higher invoice and payment matching rate

      Learn how ALPIQ automated its invoice and payment matching processes to improve efficiencies and prepare for significant growth.

      20 %

      Increase in the number of automated financial postings

      See how D?hler is managing its accounts receivable processes with less time and manual effort – thanks to machine learning.

      Choose your SAP software for revenue, billing, and receivables management

      Scalable, flexible, and automated revenue models

      Monetize subscription and usage-based business models with agile revenue management and recurring billing capabilities, while making the entire process more transparent.?

      Native integration with order-to-cash processes

      Automate your invoice matching process with new technologies, such as machine learning and robotic process automation, to support less labor-intensive cash collection.?

      Drive intelligent receivables management

      Move from time-consuming to simple, efficient processes

      Strengthen collaboration and accelerate access to relevant data for critical processes by using the SAP CoPilot digital assistant. See how modern enterprises are shortening cash cycles, improving liquidity, and increasing working capital.

      Get the latest news and trends from experts

      Benno Eberle
      Senior Director,

      The evolution of receivables management

      Explore how the latest trends in receivables management can help boost efficiency and provide new ways to optimize finance-related processes.

      Benno Eberle
      Senior Director,

      Five technologies catalyzing changes in finance

      Check out how five technologies can empower your finance organization to steer your entire company toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.?

      Benno Eberle
      Senior Director,

      The leapfrog to enterprise transformation

      Investigate best practices that can help ensure your finance team answers the increasing and changing expectations from the business.

      SAP offers a variety of services and support for your business needs

      SAP Help Portal

      Find documentation on product onboarding, implementation, and extensibility, while exploring Learning Journeys and accessing support resources.

      SAP business services

      Receive guidance, best practices, and expertise from industry experts, consultants, and support engineers to jump-start SAP solutions and drive ROI.

      SAP training and certification

      Achieve your strategic goals by gaining the right knowledge and experience with training courses that are available at select SAP offices, your own location, and online.

      SAP Developer Center

      Make the most of your SAP solutions by following step-by-step guides, referring to documentation and how-to-videos, and subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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