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      Accounting and Financial Close

      Streamline reconciliation and consolidation processes and enable compliant reporting.

      Equipping the CFO for a successful enterprise transformation

      Run efficient and compliant accounting and financial close operations

      Automate workflows to support faster, leaner accounting processes while helping ensure you fulfill regulatory requirements.

      Solve all your accounting and financial close needs with SAP

      Deploy next-generation finance for the Digital Age

      Implement SAP S/4HANA for central finance foundation, without disrupting existing systems, and adopt capabilities for financial reconciliation and the preparation of financial statements.

      Gain speed and transparency with unified group reporting

      Enhance group-level financial reporting by using unified consolidation to combine local and group closing, resulting in substantial gains in speed, accuracy, and group-wide transparency.??

      Execute and analyze regulatory obligations

      See how SAP S/4HANA for advanced compliance reporting helps you centrally manage the statutory process, including adjustments, corrections, and submissions.

      Choose your SAP software for accounting and financial close

      Real-time accounting and financial processes

      Achieve a faster, more compliant financial close by enabling one common view of accounting and financial data to improve enterprise-wide consistency and gain live business insights.

      Accelerated complex closing cycles

      Automate complex closing processes, simplify auditing activities, and comply with financial reporting and regulatory standards by enabling accounting teams to work together in one intuitive user interface.

      Account substantiation and automation

      Standardize and streamline financial closing; support continuous accounting practices in the cloud; and enhance key steps to increase efficiency, productivity, and data integrity.

      Intercompany financial processes

      Centralize and streamline intercompany transactions and subledger details in a global hub to unify intercompany processes, data, and people and extend ERP solutions with capabilities like intercompany reconciliation, netting, and settlement.

      Get the latest news and trends from experts

      Elizabeth Milne
      Accounting and Financial Close Expert,

      Supporting end-to-end financial close processes

      Find out how SAP’s partnership with BlackLine is helping deliver a comprehensive solution for financial closing.

      Elizabeth Milne
      Accounting and Financial Close Expert,

      Transforming the balance sheet substantiation process

      See how?SAP solution extensions by BlackLine complement ERP to enable standardization and automation in financial close processes.

      Elizabeth Milne
      Accounting and Financial Close Expert,

      Streamlining and automating core close tasks

      Learn how SAP Account Substantiation and Automation automates tasks, such as balance sheet substantiation and journal entries.

      SAP offers a variety of services and support for your business needs

      SAP Help Portal

      Find documentation on product onboarding, implementation, and extensibility, while exploring Learning Journeys and accessing support resources.

      SAP business services

      Receive guidance, best practices, and expertise from industry experts, consultants, and support engineers to jump-start SAP solutions and drive ROI.

      SAP training and certification

      Achieve your strategic goals by gaining the right knowledge and experience with training courses that are available at select SAP offices, your own location, and online.

      SAP Developer Center

      Make the most of your SAP solutions by following step-by-step guides, referring to documentation and how-to-videos, and subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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