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      Optimize cost, manage risk, and ensure the savings you negotiate are fully realized

      Manage your entire sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all types of spend – direct and indirect materials as well as services – all in one place. 

      SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite

      Support a closed-loop, source-to-contract process to acquire direct and indirect materials with expertise and intelligence.


      End-to-end process management

      Minimize contract leakage by integratingeverything from product specification and sourcing to contract management.

      Product lifecycle sourcing

      Share data seamlessly and enable demand-driven sourcing by uniting the product lifecycle and materials and vendor management.

      Advanced negotiation and supplier selection

      Increase cost savings on materials across your entire supplier base while selecting suppliers with highly granular insight.

      Product costing of multilevel bills of materials

      Take advantage of what-if analysis to improve volume pricing and predict final product costs with greater accuracy.

      Direct materials supplier management

      Choose optimal suppliers by assessing quality, timeliness, and responsiveness and avoiding noncompliance and disruption.

      SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

      Drive fast, sustainable results with automated and streamlined critical tasks across your entire sourcing lifecycle.


      Immediate savings

      Achieve value at a lower cost by supporting comprehensive RFx management and reverse and forward auction capabilities.?

      Faster supplier discovery

      Uncover and explore quali?ed suppliers by improving your bid competitiveness with the SAP Ariba Discovery solution.?

      Business agility

      Accelerate sourcing cycles, increase productivity, and track savings efficiently with process and workflow management.?

      Compliant commerce

      Operate compliantly by pushing procurement demand into SAP Ariba Sourcing and transferring the sourcing award to SAP ERP.?

      Peer benchmarking

      Ease change management and drive user adoption with integrated global product support and valuable sourcing support desk.?

      SAP Ariba Contracts

      Automate and accelerate the process of creating, executing, and managing contractual agreements and strengthen compliance.


      End-to-end commerce

      Integrate contract processes with SAP Ariba solutions or other third-party systems for unrivaled compliance and control.?

      Controlled processes

      Receive automatic alerts when the preapproved format or language of a contract is modified to manage nonstandard agreements.?

      Complete visibility

      Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, accessible dashboards, and configurable reports.?

      On-time renewals

      Make the most of your business opportunities with advanced notification of key milestone dates for supplier contracts.?

      Fortified compliance

      Detect and resolve off-contract activities proactively with controlled processes, automated tracking, and full audit trails.?

      SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

      Make better, faster, and more confident procurement decisions with clear insight into your and your suppliers’ total spend.


      Enriched supplier data

      Magnify supplier leverage and guard against risk with insights from Dun & Bradstreet, while finding sourcing opportunities.

      Increased compliance

      Access updated spend records and reports to discover and control spend that is maverick, off-contract, or not PO-based.?

      Advanced artificial intelligence

      Deliver fast and accurate supplier enrichment and commodity classification with the latest machine learning technologies.?

      Best-practice guidance

      Count on ongoing support and expertise to build your sourcing pipeline, advance reporting, and enhance data accuracy.?

      Fast analysis and reporting

      Run blazingly fast analytics delivered through the 100% in-memory computing technology of the SAP HANA platform.

      SAP Ariba Discovery

      Benefit from automated buyer-supplier matching to find high-quality suppliers that can cut your supply costs and risks.


      Sources for any need

      Discover suppliers for virtually any sourcing need, including spot buys, nonstrategic or indirect spend, and services.?

      Competitive cost reduction

      Decrease the average overall spend for your projects by leveraging competitive bids provided by new suppliers.?

      Diverse supplier network

      Find suppliers across a pool of global companies representing 20,000 categories, such as green, minority-owned, and women-led.?

      Convenient, central access

      Source more categories, manage RFPs, respond to bids, and award contracts – all from a single, intuitive interface.?

      Rich supplier information

      Rely on accurate, up-to-date supplier information. A five-star ranking system can help you make your selection decision.?

      See how customers are succeeding with SAP Ariba solutions

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      SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
      Chat Now Chat Offline
      Get live help and chat with an SAP representative.
      Contact Us
      E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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