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      Transform how you select, engage, and manage your external workforce

      SAP Fieldglass industry-leading solutions enable organizations to optimize their use of external resources to increase operational agility and accelerate business outcomes.

      Services Procurement

      Simplify processes, ensure compliance, and drive cost savings across statement of work (SOW) engagements.


      Management of individual categories

      Drive better results by managing each category in a way that is unique to its specific requirements.

      Spend control

      Enforce the use of preferred suppliers and support a multi-bid SOW to drive competitive pricing and maintain budget oversight.

      Risk mitigation

      Ensure strong compliance to corporate policies and government regulations across all business operations.

      Simplified critical processes

      Accelerate and streamline activities such as vendor selection, onboarding, and offboarding; time and deliverable tracking; and invoicing.

      Built-in business-wide collaboration

      Work with your internal workforce and supplier network directly by defining contracts within a single integrated platform.

      Working with Randstad Sourceright and SAP Fieldglass solutions, we have built a robust strategy to access the specialist skills we need, where and when we need them and at the right price.

      Martin Thomas, Head of Total Workforce Management, Royal Philips Watch the video

      SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management

      Automate the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor – from requisition to invoice and payment.


      Spend control

      Drive better results by managing each category in a way that is unique to its specific requirements.

      Risk mitigation

      Enforce compliance to?corporate policies and government mandates with better ease, faster insights,?and enhanced governance.

      Quality improvement

      Track workers and supplier performance to make?strategic decisions about the partners and providers you choose.

      Access to needed talent

      Find,?source, and manage contingent workers across a variety of channels and around?the world with greater ease.

      Enriched business efficiency

      Streamlineand automate critical processes to ensure timely response to changing businessneeds and market opportunities.

      SAP Fieldglass solutions enable us to drill down into each department’s external workforce – as well as benchmark rates against similar organizations. Swisscom managers can use these insights to inform their decision-making.

      Beat Zurbuchen, Project Manager Supply Chain, Swisscom Read the customer story

      SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management

      Track and manage your entire global contingent workforce with one system of record.


      Security and compliance

      Ensure?on- and off-boarding processes occur on time and consistently.

      Health and safety

      Document?confirmation that non-employee labor follows corporate policies (training,?certification, licenses, etc.)

      Enhanced visibility

      Track?and report all headcount across your entire global workforce accurately.

      Greater efficiency

      Allow?suppliers to create and edit worker profiles without manual entry.

      The process effort in terms of the end-to-end requisition through to invoicing we estimate is reduced by 40% [with SAP Fieldglass solutions].

      Phil Biddle, Global Commodity Manager, Siemens Watch the video

      See how customers are succeeding with SAP Fieldglass solutions

      Resource Center

      Leverage expert research

      SAP Fieldglass’ research of the evolving workforce shows that effective management of external talent and services providers – now more than 40% of total workforce spend worldwide – can help organizations yield impressive business outcomes in the digital economy.

      Services Procurement Insights 2019: The Big Reveal

      Our global research study examines the critical?role of services providers in getting work done. While critical to business?success, this "invisible workforce" is frequently under-managed –?limiting value and increasing risk.

      External Workforce Insights 2018

      The results of this?groundbreaking study from SAP Fieldglass, in collaboration with Oxford?Economics, ?provide an unprecedented view?into the ways external talent - more than 44% of total workforce spend - is?sourced, managed, and deployed.

      Innovation is in our DNA

      Explore some of our innovations. Customer firsts. Industry firsts.

      Our innovation story

      SAP Fieldglass Labs continually scan the horizon for technology advancements than we can leverage to help our customers transform how work gets done, achieve greater agility, and accelerate business outcomes.

      Accelerate impact with seamless solutions

      SAP Fieldglass makes it easy for organizations around the world to achieve total workforce visibility, maximize cost savings, improve worker quality and efficiencies, and enforce compliance with a robust partner network and simple integration into their existing technology stack.

      Digital Partner Network for SAP Fieldglass Solutions

      The Digital Partner Network for SAP Fieldglass Solutions makes it easy for companies to engage and manage their external workforce through seamless pre-built integrations with industry-leading digital providers. Through this network, SAP Fieldglass solutions customers can more quickly and efficiently find, hire and manage non-payroll workers and services providers to work across enterprises.?


      Our open platform and extensive integration?experience firmly places us as the top VMS provider, which includes an open API?framework designed and developed to work with any enterprise solution. We offer?a robust suite of configurable integration points for either on premise or?cloud-based software suites.??

      Questions? Get in touch!

      Call Me Now Call Offline
      SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
      Chat Now Chat Offline
      Get live help and chat with an SAP representative.
      Contact Us
      E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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