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      Business Technology Platform?

      The fastest way to turn data into business value.

      Virtual Business Technology Experience!

      Join us on the 28th, 29th, or 30th of April for the
      Business Technology Experience!

      SAP’s Integration Plan in the Cloud

      Learn how SAP can facilitate seamless integration of end-to-end business processes, spanning across our integrated intelligent suite solutions as well as third-party solutions.?

      Keep business moving

      Learn what SAP is doing to help employees and businesses in this time of global disruption.

      Image of database, analytics, development and IoT icon representing the Business Technology Platform

      What is the business technology platform?

      SAP's Business Technology Platform is a portfolio of integrated solutions that accelerate transformation of data into business value. It includes database and data management, application development, integration and analytics as well as intelligent technologies –from on-premise to the cloud.

      74%?of enterprises say their?data landscape is so complex?that it limits agility.

      SAP, State of the Big Data study
      Image of database icon representing database and data management solutions

      Database and Data Management

      Make better decisions faster with in-memory database management systems that safeguard compliance and optimize storage and analytics.

      Run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions

      Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment

      Access real-time data at your fingertips

      Gain a single view of the truth across the organization

      Database and Data Management
      Analytics icon representing Analytics solutions


      Discover deep insights and simplify access to critical information to drive better business outcomes and accelerate growth.

      Visualize insights with intuitive business intelligence

      Drive better business outcomes with collaborative enterprise planning

      Turn insights into action with end-to-end capabilities

      Accelerate growth with augmented analytics powered by AI and machine learning


      67%?of companies fail to become insight-driven companies.

      NewVantage Partners, 2018, Big Data Executive Survey 2018 Executive Summary of Findings

      50% of executives believe that IT must shift from support to value creation within five years.

      Mckinsey survey, IT’s future value proposition, July 2017
      Cog icon representing application development and integration solutions

      Application Development and Integration

      SAP's open business technology platform allows you to integrate, extend, and build intelligence at scale.

      Build and integrate innovative business applications

      Personalize the user experience for fast adoption and effectiveness

      Gain access to solution partners

      Extend solutions with prepackaged integration and connectivity

      Application Development and Integration
      IoT icon image representing Intelligent Technology solutions

      Intelligent Technologies

      Leverage intelligent technologies like AI and IoT to help you optimize business processes and resources and ignite innovation in any area of your business.

      See end-to-end benefits from using a single business-first solution

      Leverage industry-specific capabilities

      Innovate with partners on an open business platform

      Support all go-to-market models with AI and machine learning

      Realize a fast ROI with prebuilt integrations

      Intelligent Technologies

      64%?of companies struggle?to keep up with executing on the?internal demand for predictive analytics or machine learning.

      Forrester Consulting, Powering the Intelligent Enterprise with AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics

      What makes our business technology platform different?

      The business technology platform is designed to provide flexibility and agility for developing business applications for customers and employees, allowing organizations to extend SAP applications, integrate entire landscapes, and build new applications that have high impact on business processes to deliver superior business outcomes.

      Leverage the business technology platform to turn your data into business value

      Understand the Power of the Platform

      IDC predicts that 82% of digital revenue will be platform enabled by 2025. Learn about the top 5 tech trends to deliver business outcomes in 2020.

      What are analysts saying about business technology platform solutions from SAP?

      A major milestone from SAP’

      SAP's Business Technology Platform is a major milestone in the Intelligent Enterprise story from SAP. The business technology platform is a portfolio of solutions that gives enterprises the ability to adapt rapidly to change irrespective of their enterprise applications landscape and provide them a faster way to turn their data into business value.?

      How to become an insights-driven business: A guide for midsize companies

      Find out how midsize companies can extract more value from Big Data with more advanced pull-style analytics, eliminate business silos, keep data sources consistent, and find and use proper tools.

      See how customers are succeeding with business technology platform solutions

      Resource center for the business technology platform

      Support the end-to-end customer journey

      Explore the flagship products that comprise the business technology platform.

      SAP Cloud Platform

      Build the exact application you need quickly, easily, and economically. Gain flexibility and control over your choice of clouds, frameworks, and applications with a platform-as-a-service based on open standards.

      SAP HANA

      Leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA to combine your operations and experience data to enable everyone in your organization to make impactful, fast, and confident decisions.

      SAP Analytics Cloud

      Gain all the analytics capabilities you need for business intelligence, augmented analytics, and collaborative planning in a single solution. Empower your team to make better decisions backed by data.

      SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

      Support intelligent robotic process automation (iRPA) to execute processes across multiple systems, cloud solutions, and software-as-a-service offerings.

      Questions? Get in touch!

      Call Me Now Call Offline
      SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
      Chat Now Chat Offline
      Get live help and chat with an SAP representative.
      Contact Us
      E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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