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      SAP Executive Briefing Centers

      Service beyond expectations. Experience beyond compare.

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      SAP Executive Briefing Center (SAP EBC) locations offer a unique environment for customers and prospects to build their long-term business strategy through a collaborative partnership with SAP. The Executive Briefing Centers enable customers to connect and engage with SAP thought leaders, industry experts, and partners. Located at four locations around the globe, each SAP EBC offers unique advantages and areas of expertise.?

      Hudson Yards, New York City

      SAP’s global marketing headquarters is housed within 10 Hudson Yards. Hudson Yards is the largest development project in New York City since Rockefeller Center. 

      The SAP Executive Briefing Center in New York boasts the top floor location – where floor to ceiling windows provide the perfect backdrop for customers to interact with our senior leadership. The Hudson Yards EBC is home to an inspirational Design Thinking Room, offers tours of the SAP Leonardo Center and NextGen Labs, and provides customers with an introduction to digitization within the Immersive Theater.
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      SAP America Inc.

      10 Hudson Yards, 52nd Floor

      New York, NY 10001


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      Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

      The SAP Executive Briefing Center in Newtown Square is situated in the heart of the SAP North America headquarters – 13 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.?

      Here you can shake hands with members of SAP’s executive leadership and meet key solution experts to discuss topics including Internet of Things and SAP Runs SAP. Newtown Square offers a 185-seat auditorium, a dedicated design thinking space, and the opportunity to take a tour of the SAP Mission Control Center. You can also experience the SAP Digital Boardroom, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, and the SAP d-shop space.?
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      SAP America Inc.

      3999 West Chester Pike

      Newtown Square, PA 19073


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      Phone: +1-610-661-1491

      Palo Alto, California (Silicon Valley)

      The briefing center in Palo Alto is located within SAP’s largest U.S. development facility and the home of our UX design services and SAP Design efforts.

      Here you can connect with executive thought leaders around SAP Leonardo, SAP HANA, the digital economy, customer engagement, talent management, startups, and venture capital. You can also explore the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, the SAP Design Lab, and the SAP d-shop space.?
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      SAP Labs, Inc. - Palo Alto

      3410 Hillview Ave

      Palo Alto, CA?94304


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      Phone: +1-650-461-1541

      Walldorf, Germany

      The SAP Executive Briefing Center in Walldorf is located at SAP’s global headquarters near Heidelberg, Germany – one hour south of Frankfurt.

      When you visit SAP’s largest campus you step into the rich history of the company while exploring the breadth and depth of solution expertise that SAP offers. Connect with thought leaders around topics including the Internet of Things, machine learning, product innovation, HR, SAP Runs SAP, and many other topics. Experience firsthand innovative showcases and demos like the SAP Digital Boardroom, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Customer Service, Inspiration Pavilion, our sustainability award-winning-data center, and SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg.?
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      SAP SE - Walldorf

      Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16

      69190 Walldorf


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      Phone: +49-6227-7-47709

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